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    Bananagrams ®

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    The ultimate word-race game...Split! Peel! Dump! Bananas!

    There's no pencil, no paper, no board...And no waiting for turns, just frantic fun in a go-anywhere pouch. Start by shouting 'SPLIT' and once you've spelt out all your letters shout 'BANANAS'. First to do so wins the game. 

    • Presented in an awesome on the go banana case (perfect for travel, waiting in a restaurant, in the classroom, or as an icebreaker)
    • Age 7+. 1-8 players. 

    • By buying Bananagrams with the GOSH shop you'll be supporting children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

    • 100% of profits from your purchase will go to charity

    Code: GF9092

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