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Therapeutic Play

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When you purchase a Virtual Gift the recipient receives a gift card and your donation is put to good use in the hospital.

When you purchase a GOSH virtual gift, the recipient receives a gift card and certificate and your donation is put to good use in the hospital.  This gift will be spent on providing support for our young patients, families and staff.  For example, it could pay for everything a play team member needs for one hour.  Through play, these GOSH superheroes make sure children feel calm, informed about what's happening and most importantly, able to be children.

1. Choose whether you'd like to send a card by as an e-card by email (really quick, easy and environmentally friendly!), or by post.

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3. We'll put your donation to good use in the hospital.

GOSH is an extraordinary place, where young lives are saved every day.  We believe in caring not only for the child but for the whole family.  This care comes in many forms, providing accommodation for parents to stay overnight, to spiritual counselling and providing play therapists to ensure that children’s experience of the hospital is as stress free as possible.  We only fund projects that will significantly benefit our young patients and their families.


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