Child Focused Environments (the gift of hope)

How much would you like to donate?: £50 could help fund an EEG device for the neonatal unit
Sale price£50.00


Your gift is dedicated to the extraordinary children and families at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). 

With your support, we can raise funds to rebuild and refurbish the hospital and create incredible child-focused environments that inspire hope for families and children at GOSH dealing with difficult circumstances. 

Available for shipping September 25th

  • Part of the Love, Great Ormond Street x collection
  • Find out more about alternative gifts here.
  • With each gift you’ll receive a greeting card, a gold foil gift wallet, and an envelope for you to keep or send on to someone special. 
  • 100% of this donation will support the work of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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